Power Supply Cabinets – Uninterruptible Power Supply

Our power controllers are designed to simplify the power distribution of the beacons. A standalone light will function on its own, through its own embedded electronics, a power controller will take purpose in configuring identical behaviour to different lights installed on the same structure.

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply systems serve as a safety measure in case of power failure. They allow a 12-hour autonomous light functioning at the very least.

They are composed of various batteries of different dimensions (according to the type of light to be powered).

We offer two output voltages: 48 or 230V.

Our cabinets are all equipped with a lightning arrester and can handle the possibility of default reporting. They are also IP66.

The different product applications

Les règles de balisage des obstacles aériens sont établies par l’OACI (Annexe 14, chapitre 6). En conformité avec la réglementation, une armoire de secours peut être installée pour assurer un balisage de façon autonome pendant 12h en cas de coupure réseau.


Technical Characteristics

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply is dedicated to guarantee 12 hours autonomy in case of power supply failure. The Safebox is a UPS solution optimized for obstruction lights based on high quality batteries. Available with a 110-240V input and a 48V or 110-240V output, the UPS is equipped in standard with lightning protection and dry contacts for network and beacons alarm failure.

Control cabinet for power distribution

UPS system for power backup