Delta Box, Aircraft Warning Lights Specialist

Delta Box, French manufacturer of Aircraft Obstruction Lights, offers a large range of solutions, diurnal and/or nocturnal, in order to fit the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Thanks to our experience, our products have been installed all over the world within different fields of applications: Pylons, Chimneys, Civil Engineering Structures, High-Voltage Lines, Wind Turbines, Buildings, Cranes, Airports and Heliports.



Pictures of our applications

Our products par application

Subsidiary of INDELEC, French Group specialized in Lightning Protection, Delta Box, located in Douai, has been dedicated to the conception, elaboration and fabrication of its own Aircraft Warning Lights, since 1992.

Our range of Obstruction Lights, designed mainly with Led technology, is composed of 4 principal categories: Aircraft Warning Lights (Low Intensity, Medium Intensity, High Intensity, Runway Marking), Wind Direction Indicators (STNA/OACI Mast, FAA type Mast, Regular Mast, Windsock, Frangible), High Voltage Lines Solutions (Spheres, Conductor Marking Light), Accessories (Solar Power Supply, Uninterruptible Power Supply System).

Our Commercial Department has been working closely with our Research & Development Department in order to answer both our clients’ needs and the requirements of the Civil Aviation.
Each and every one of our Obstruction Lights is submitted to Internal Testing and is certified by the Civil Aviation.