Markings for High Voltage Lines


Height of the obstacle
Day Marking
(If pylon painted in Red & White)
Night Marking
Over 150 meters
Type B High-Intensity at the top, at the lowest level of the wire suspensions and halfway up of those levels.
90 – 150 meters
45 – 90 meters
0 – 45 meters
Type A Medium Intensity, at the top and at the intermediary level if the height is superior to 90 meters
Type B, Medium Intensity at the top and at the intermediary level
– Type B, Medium Intensity
– Type B, Low Intensity at the intermediary level
– Type A, Low Intensity
Wire Marking
Diurnal Warning Sphere on wire (every 30m)
Type A, Low Intensity (every 70 meters in airport areas, every 105 meters otherwise)

Optimal Security

Uninterruptible Power Supply Cabinet guarantying a power supply during a minimum of 12 hours in case of power failure.