Beacons for Heliport


Inset lights for perimeter beaconing (1-2)

Perimeter lights shall not be taller than 25cm and must be recessed in the ground in case considered as obstacle to proper take-off operations. On elevated helipads FATO and TLOF areas can coincide.

These fittings can be used as:

  • TLOF perimeter signal (green)
  • FATO perimeter signal (white)
  • Aiming Points signal (white)
  • Flight Path Alignment signal (white)


White floodlights for TLOF illumination (3)

White floodlights for TLOF must be positioned in such way that pilots shall not be dazzled whilst airborne. The same applies for the personnel working on the helipad.
They must be 25cm tall at the maximum when located within the safety area and have to be frangible.
Being of white signal, the average luminosity level of the floodlights should be 10 lux.


Deltabox Schéma application hélistation


Helicopter Approach Path Indicator (4)

HAPI systems provide pilots with a secure and precise glide slope on their final approach. If pilots consider their position as incorrect they can easily fix the trajectory of the helicopter with the help of these systems.

Wind Direction Indicator (5)

Helipads should always be equipped with at least one Wind Direction Indicator (WDI). When installed, the WDI should always be positioned outside of the safety area and in a way that no perturbation is coming from the helicopter rotor.
The WDI must be visible when pilots are approaching the helipad and in case the helipad is used by night a lighting system along with an obstacle light should be provided.

Inset lights for taxiways (6)

Taxiway beacons should be less than 25cm tall and should be recessed in the ground in case considered as obstacle to proper take-off operations. They must be of blue signal and indicate the path for vehicules on ground.