Solar Power Supply – Solar Station Obstacle lights

The integration of the LED technology within obstruction lights had the effect of lowering the electric consumptions. In order to answer the power supply issues that isolated sites were facing, Delta Box started developing its own solar power supplies more than 10 years go, and now benefits from a real expertise in the matter.

We offer solar solutions adapted to Aircraft Warning Lights but also for every type of device working on isolated sites (radio devices, lights, cameras, surveillance devices and all kinds of electric consumers…)

Our expertise primarily comes from a deep research on the functioning of the electric consumers and above all on the geographical location of the station. Our experience in France and abroad, with installations in every continent, allows us to guaranty a 100% rate of utilization of the gear, even in extreme and critical cases.

The electronics for the power, the control and the management of the solar system are developed within our engineering and research department which allows a total knowledge and understanding of the setup. That way we can merge that technology with others, like communication. Thus, the remote control represents a possible solution for the piloting of the installation and the dry contact information.

Also, we offer standard fixation kits (panels, batteries, management) for a very easy installation. According to your need we can develop specific systems as well.

The different product applications

Our solar power supplies are specially designed for isolated sites which do not have access to standard electric networks. They can be used for non-isolated sites when the installation of the power supply cable is too difficult (airport runways, building rooftops…).

Solar solutions are also used in wish of energy economy and preserving of the Earth’s resources.


The technical characteristics

The technical characteristics of the system depend only on your requirements. Every component is changeable according to your needs.

For a complete study of your request, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.